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"During a 1966 TV program on NBC-TV, NYC, with Betty and Barney Hill, Dr. Carl Sagan, et al., I perceied Dr. Jim McDonald as intellectually brilliant, buoyant, and verbally blunt in his comments to those of us who lacked his courage to confront the "establishment" about UFO reports.

Ann Druffel not only has defined the man, but she also has described, in detail, his mission. Perhaps future historians can use her monumental book to assess Dr. McDonald's work--and life--as a megastep for the scientific investigation of the extraterrestroial presence." -- Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, 3/27/2003

"especially interesting reading, ... truly an outstanding job" -- Dr. James Deardorff, atmospheric scientist


"Firestorm is a fascinating look into the mind, thoughts and actions of atmospheric physics professor James McDonald as he excelled at science while simultaneously becoming the outstanding leader within the field of U.S. ufology before his tragic demise in 1971. It was made possible through the discovery of four of his personal notebooks, which author Ann Druffel carefully gleaned, plus her interviews of McDonald's numerous colleagues and friends. The field of ufology owes a great debt to Ann for her diligence and persistence in gathering together the whole story of McDonald's combined UFO and science careers, and presenting it so interestingly. The book is also a repository for in-depth descriptions of many of the classic UFO events of the 1950s and 60s."-- Dr. James Deardorff, atmospheric scientist

"marvelous book."

  --Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.

"A riveting read! Based upon personal journals, lectures and inputs from friends and opponents, Druffel provides readers with a masterful biographical legacy of McDonald's brilliant contributions to science and his focused yet futile attempts to obtain scientific recognition of the UFO phenomenon in the face of dogmatism and government opposition." (Ray Fowler)

"The book is great and shows how McDonald in the last analysis was brought down by his unflinching belief in the honesty of others which reflected that of his own. He just found it hard to believe that the government would lie to its citizens or that politics and dogmatism and peer pressure reigns in science. This, coupled with his inability to express loving emotion to his family and bulldozer-like intense focus upon his work proved to be his Achilles heel. I enjoyed Jim as a friend and vividly remember our friendly bouts re his foul-up vs. my cover-up hypothesis for government handling of the UFO problem. The book provides insight into why he felt this way. I only saw a tiny bit of his life and Ann has opened the door to the rest of his life for us. I hope that the book does well. Congratulate her for me. A job well done."

  --Ray Fowler

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