Peace Through Geobiology
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Title:Mission Mother Earth
Subtitle: Peace Through Geobiology
Author: Benishai, Richard
ISBN-10: 0-926524-74-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-926524-74-3
Imprint: Wild Flower Press
Binding: perfect bound
Trim size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 150
List Price: $16.00

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Mission: Mother Earth is an account of the events preceding and following a three-year period in the life of Richard Benishai, an electronic engineer, turned geobiologist. It is the story of how this technical, Cartesian and unsuspecting individual was guided into a life of research, mystics, energies and the invisible world of geobiology.

The story begins with a pre-programmed meeting by the “Family,” a group of entities, between Richard and Geema, in the Ivory Coast of all places! The two began a friendship that has continued to present day. Working as a team and together with the “Family,” they have pursued the research, detection and activation of 18 high-energy sites in Israel. Some of the sites were known and renowned as ancient, religious locations, while others were simply in the middle of nowhere. Once energized, the network of 18 sites with powerful vortices built momentum, increased its energy gradually, and now has reached such a level as to influence neighboring countries towards sustainable peace and well being.