Learn to Use Plain Playing Cards for Tarot Readings
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Tarot of the Soul

Book Review

"I learned more about myself and my reality by doing the readings taught in this book. It was wonderful."
--Liz Dederich

"This is a really good book for using regular playing cards as tarot cards!"
--a reader

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Title: Tarot of the Soul
Subtitle: Learn to Use Plain Playing Cards for Tarot Readings
Author: Atkinson, Belinda
ISBN-13: 978-0-926524-32-3
Imprint: Swan-Raven & Co.
Binding: perfect bound
Trim size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 86
List Price: $7.00

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Finally, anyone with a deck of cards can use the ancient "tarot" system of divination. Belinda Atkinson offers a simple, step-by-step method of placing the cards in "spreads". The reader uses the explanation from each card to help answer the big and small questions of life. Tarot of the Soul uses thoughtful, positive, healing, and motivational language in its card descriptions.For the readings, you have a choice of the very detailed meanings of each card in the reading or you can go to the quick reference when you are reading for impatient people. This modern method is based on the idea that each one of us can access the knowledge and wisdom in our souls to better understand our strengths, to overcome or accept our weaknesses, to reach our goals for happiness in this life, and to attain spiritual evolution. Tarot of the Soul teaches people to listen to their hearts, to make the most of each day, and to find fulfillment in life's small blessings. A great gift idea for shut-ins, prisoners, or anyone seeking personal guidance..