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Human By Day
Zeta Message

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"Looks like I'm not alone in believing good can from our encounters! People, give this one a fast read! Perhaps I'll have the chance to exchange encounter stories with the authors once XPERIENCERS is in production! I hope we can all learn something from these experiencers."
--Jim O'Connell

"Received the Zeta books today. I'm not 'into' that genre, but I picked up the first one and just got sucked right in, couldn't put it down!"
Editor, Denver Book Review

"If you enjoyed The Celestine Prophecy, you are going to love Human By Day, Zeta By Night. Just as The Celestine Prophecy brings magic to the everyday, the ordinary, so too does Human By Day, Zeta By Night. As Judy spins and weaves this un-putdownable tale of the extraterrestrial, Ali, she leaves behind a trail of teachings for us, a treasure trove of wisdom so precious that it will ultimately propel humanity forward. Engaging and awakening."
-- P. Bendel.

Rating - ***** (five stars).
"Unique and reliable messages of our Space Brothers and Sisters. Among the many enjoyable conversations, unprecedented and astounding facts are inserted casually. And if you connect these facts, you’ll get the whole picture of the war between the Light and the Dark, which has been played out since the fall of Atlantis. It really backs up the old saying that fact is stranger than fiction."
-- Eisei Komatsu, translator of Judy Carroll's works into Japanese

"For anyone with encounter experiences seeking understanding from a broader multi-dimensional and spiritual perspective, Judy Carroll’s books offer fascinating insight into the psyche of the 'Zeta' mindset. It takes the encounter experiencer into the realm of the soul journey, and the understanding that, as souls, there is no separation, we are all one. This is a book for those who no longer choose to be in fear."
-- Mary Rodwell, Principal of ACERN and author of “Awakening”.

"After reading Judy Carroll’s Human By Day, Zeta By Night, all of my questions about how we evolved and why we are here were answered. I now feel an inner love and a longing to meet my Zeta family."
-- D. Taylor.

"Compelling books packed with information, entertainment, humor and spiritual insights. They really clarifiy the role of the Zetas, replacing fear of the unknown with a feeling of connection and love."
-- K. Estreich.

"Judy Carroll’s Human By Day, Zeta By Night is very exciting and intriguing. Once you start reading it you cannot put it down. It puts the reader in a different world."
-- K. Cooper

"Judy Carroll has done well to compile all this interesting and helpful information into one story, based on her own real and amazing experiences. As you read you may well remember that you already knew…."
-- H. Downs

"Human By Day, Zeta By Night is a reality novel which takes a fresh approach to reporting the experience of human contact with Star Visitors. The novelty comes from the author, Judy Carroll, telling the story through the eyes of a Star Visitor, a Zeta Reticulan. The story twist is that this particular Zeta, Alarca (Ali for short), has reincarnated in the human body of an about-to-be-born girl of Gypsy heritage and living in Australia.
   "The book features Ali's awkward and at times amusing journey of getting used to operating in a human body and societal culture, while retaining a lot of her previous Zeta consciousness. Ali is indeed a "stranger in a strange land."
  " The story plot develops further intriguing and droll twists as we learn that Ali's brother is a Catholic priest, which leads to eye-opening discussions about the similarities and differences between Christian and Star Nations' spiritual and metaphysical understandings.
   "The author manages to insert a lot of humor and insight into what might otherwise come across as a bizarre and strange situation. And the story's exploration of a growing-up young girl's experiencing anti-Gypsy prejudice, all the while struggling with her dual identity as Human and Zeta, and her wondering how people would act if they knew that, makes for a tale at once piquant and hilarious.
   "And when Ali's Zeta kinfolk come back to visit her and see how she is doing, more drollery abounds as the logical, Mr. Spock-ian Zeta try to wrap their minds around the foibles of Human culture.
   "With this book Judy Carroll does a great service in furthering Human understanding of our place in the cosmos. And her sharp eye for situations and spot-on understandings provide the deserved hint that this book is not entirely non-autobiographical.
   "I recommend Human By Day, Zeta By Night as a light-hearted presentation of issues freighted with great significance -- as we come to terms with our not being alone in the universe."
-- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., President, Star Kids Project, Ltd.

"Human By Day, Zeta By Night is a WOW factor book! What a wonderful read! This beautifully written book is obviously organized by Zeta hands to impart infrmation and make people think. With a wild roller coaster of adventure, this is a must read for any who likes a good book. "The Zeta Message is an astounding story by two very logical, down-to-earth Australian women. I love the presentation o the books, but then I always feel the tactile feel of a book enhances its enjoyment."