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    The 5th World Journal, an Opt-in E-Zine

For many years the 5th World Journal was in printed form, sent out to a substantial paid subscriber base. The intent of the 5th World Journal was then and still is today to illuminate the many aspects of the inevitable transition our planet is undergoing

Included in the Journal were personal stories of alien encounters, book reviews of relevant new works, news stories, cartoons, book serializations, and analyses.

It was never intended to take advertising, but refusing advertising in print media required that the subscription price be higher, and The Journal began to be more expensive than some people could afford.

Several years ago we decided to make it free via email subscription, and that worked for a while until spam filters intruded too much in the delivery of the periodic installments. Now the Journal remains free, but the primary content is posted at the 5th world website. See the archives here.

Periodically subscribers to the 5th World E-zine are alerted by email that important new material has been posted at the 5th world website, usually in one of the seven strategic areas of the New Paradigm: Knowledge, New History, Milestones, Expectations, Wisdom, Thoughts, and, of course, Humor, without which all this transition stuff would be much too serious.

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