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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
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  So We're Still Here New  
Birth to Rebirth

So We're Still Here: Now What?
Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment
in a New Era
Gwilda Wiyaka

List Price: $17.00

From Birth to Rebirth
Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century
Dr. C.V. Tramont

List Price: $19.95

Plant Spirit Medicine
Healing with the Power of Plants
Eliot Cowan

List Price: $14.00

  Tarot of the Soul  
PSM audio CD

Tarot of the Soul
Learn to Use Plain Playing Cards for Tarot Readings
Belinda Atkinson

List Price: $7.00

Plant Spirit Medicine Audio CD
MP3 Format - Now Shipping.
Eliot Cowan

List Price: $29.95



Kindred Spirits
Sacred Earth Wisdom
Jess Wolf Hardin

List Price: $20.00