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To Potential Authors:

70% of the U.S. population has not been in a bookstore in the last 5 years. 58% of the U.S. adult population never reads another book after high school. 42% of U.S. college graduates never read another book after college. 80% of U.S. families did not buy or read a single book last year. The average American citizen reads only about 17 minutes per day, and most of that is newspapers. Among American newspapers, perhaps only the San Francisco Examiner, the Washington DC Examiner, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today are healthy and growing. Many are failing.

The most recent Harry Potter volume has sold 11 million copies in the U.S., which is a lot of books for sure, but still a small number in relation to the almost 110 million households in the U.S.

Although 81% of the U.S. population feels "they have a book inside them," the world is awash in books. 291,920 new titles were published in the U.S. in 2006. Personal experience suggests that most people either do not read at all, or only read what is recommended by "experts" such as The New York Times Best Seller List. The average time that a new No. 1 bestseller stayed top of the hardback fiction section of the New York Times Bestseller List has fallen from 22 weeks in the 1960s, to 14 weeks in the 1970s, to 5.5 weeks in the 1990s, to just 14 days last year. In the 1960s, fewer than three novels reached No. 1 in an average year; last year, 23 did. A growing number of bestsellers now spend just a single week atop the list. The days of the blockbuster book are over.

The publishing industry is unraveling in an age of over-production, media fragmentation and disruptive new technologies such as the Internet and print-on-demand. The publishing industry is changing rapidly. Small bookstores are falling like flies. is now the bookstore. People are watching more media and reading fewer books.

It is imperative that every potential new author understand that the deck is stacked against being a financially successful author. Unrealistic expectations are a recipe for disaster.

The future of publishing belongs to "niche-busters" -- books that target a niche rather than a mass market. Granite Publishing consequently accepts only a few very fine manuscripts in our niches each year, and those that are accepted must follow the following rigid guidelines:

We require work that deals with some aspect of the UFO/ET phenomena or societal change (Wild Flower Press imprint), or spirituality, shamanism, or indigenous spirituality (Swan-Raven & Co. imprint). The work must demonstrate high scholarship. We do not publish stories, fiction, novels, novellas or poetry. The work must be factual, i.e., non-fiction. People need true, reliable information on these topics, not ideas that might have some truth to them. The reader has enough to figure out in life without having to guess what is true or fictional in a book. The current economic meltdown can to some extent be traced back to the fiction of Ayn Rand that some people mistook for fact. Fictional books compete with Stephen King, Tony Hillerman, and Danielle Steel based on style, not content. We are about true content, presented well.

The work must demonstrate coherent thinking and novel insights; it must break new ground and be significantly different from other works on the market.

Writing style must be clear, interesting and effective. Spelling must be exact, as specified in Webster's Ninth Collegiate Dictionary, and grammar must follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Submissions should include a chapter outline, some representative chapters and a cover letter about yourself and about why the book will be of interest to a wide audience. Follow the specifications in Non-Fiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write by Elizabeth Lyon. Send the materials in written form to the above address, along with return postage if you want your materials returned. We are busy, so give us ample time to evaluate your work. If you are in a hurry, do not send it.

Thank you for asking about our publishing your book. If it follows the above guidelines, we would like you to send a proposal to us for our review. Be aware, however, that we accept very few manuscripts a year.

(Granite Publishing occasionally publishes a work as a paid-for project when we cannot convince ourselves that the work will pay for itself. The author in this case pays for everything necessary to publish the work, and the specified inventory is delivered to the author or to the author's point of distribution. The author then owns all rights to the book and has all responsibilities downstream for the marketing and distribution of the work. If you are interested in this route, please contact us. Personal memoirs are done this way, through our Living Archives imprint.)

Children's books are harder to succeed with than adult non-fiction. It is difficult to break into that market. Our Little Granite Books imprint publishes only our own writings for children.

We do not mean to discourage you. Honesty is what you need now, rather than disappointment later.

We wish you the best in your endeavors.

Thank you.

Brian L. Crissey